the days fatten up the Cantaloupes
with rich sugars to be suckled
sweet gourds grow heavy
hanging low ripe and mellowed
the trellis stockings strained
tired Cords broke, fruit sent fallen
where caterpillars chew heavy leaves
hearty pads the sun held

a mind ripe with softness
trained by sun soaked days
lethargic life and death abrupt
does not feel the reception of the ground
but burst like an Egg with juices and seeds
spreading ignorant sweetness round
fermented sludge intoxicating
the ants burrowed in their mounds

indulgent Melon puddy
soaks abounding soils rich
atmospheres of acid rains
softening the mud
Roots nurture rambling Stem
ancestors generous
descendant Melons give to those
dense glaze inherited


By Peter Duffy


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