Darkness the Amphetamine

the gears of the mind turn fastest
when the lights of day dim
darkness surrounds the mouth
and ears
depreciating them
the eyes see the farthest
when they can’t see an inch
a head
but looking back into themselves
while lying in their beds

the ears
listen closest to the mouth
that speaks of conscience and regret
lecturing self
in a rambling coherence
foreign to the physical tongue
the mind speaks
when the lips are dry
and throat closed shut
with no more words that could be said

it isn’t clear
to whom the mouth addresses
when it says it wishes it were dead
to say words that capture feeling
is to discard eloquence

from brain to the cheek muscles
a road filled with rotaries and ramps
from the chords
to the drums of listeners
riddled with heavy particles
mucus at the base of the throat can cut
out the first syllable or more

but that is day

and in this room
acquainted only with silence
thick with kindred absence
the stutter is never heard


By Peter Duffy


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