mind your p’s and q’s

the primer

The first thing I felt was his teeth, even and hard. The second thing I felt was the need to suck on his lips, to drink from his mouth as if I had been poisoned and the antidote could only be found within him. The third thing I felt was surprise at how intuitive this all was—that my body had been steered by a captain I had never known, maneuvering seas never crossed before. I could move like this all night, I thought, could continue to be swallowed and slowly digested in this mass, salivating and rollicking with his hands all over me…yes, the hands. I wanted to devour him by the faceful. I would let him paint my neck with his teeth again. I wanted to do it all again the very next night. Reckless? Not quite yet. But I wanted to touch and to be touched, to have detachment from the floating inebriated strangers around me and yet be that unbearably close to them. That was just right—I could never be like this with the rest of them in daytime light but one sweatstained night of moving for every six of still…that was reasonable, yes? God, I love moving. I am infatuated with moving. Moving with a body, moving against a body—my god, what else could I ever need?


the chaser

may I devour your entire face?
may I map the roof of your mouth?
Please o
may I suck on your lower lip?
O please, please
please let me paint your neck with my teeth.
Pretty pretty please
give me more hands, give me more grasping.
may I undulate against you?
Please, please please
let’s move together—
let’s move against each other.
O please o please
don’t ever stop don’t ever

By Sxm


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