[This page is under construction.]

I’m trying acrylic on particles restless with transferable skills.
I’m drying acrylic on articles of stress and conferrable bills.

Stumble: shy from a spotlight. Flood lights. Motion
sensitive and twitchy.
The focus of this, why this patch of grass over the other?
And I’m beveled and ashy. Brilliant angles, plays — culture
Leveled. Scumbled. Glazed.

What is silhouetted starkly is
kind of hard to see with my astigmatism. And my glasses slipping down.
It’s any after, night and predilection
Give me every right direction for contrast.
Finances, and keeping the lights on
Even in a dark room. And I’m kind of out —
Little eggs, streetlights, little currents boiling that presciently predict the tick rhyme my stomach roiling. From lack of
But I don’t gotta be in service of the bigger picture.

As a rule I’ll love magnetic fear, the pull before the snap, the hup
before the heart-droppingly short stop and the new line behind the
enter, except when I don’t.
Can’t. Cues and lines to remember, fill out, snake in
or out clutching my papers. It’s a lot of work trying to be discrete.
I pretend to hate smooth transitions.
And I don’t feel comfortable with smooth transitions, like

What’s at stake? Slow drips on duckwing tips,
Straight up living and coming to grips.
A solid dissolution I’m reflecting on here is lack,
slack for ropes that might be important and may be too far away to consider.
Thinking of what’s said about knots and fraying and ties on purpose — I’m just nervous about feeling too loose to adhere to the whatever the hell connects and look
Polarization? I’m graduating, and
I’m done with introspection, I say to myself and the world.


By Ria Geguera


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