Poetry Spring 2021 Edition Writing

Live from Puerto Escondido

Live from Puerto Escondido 1/21/21 @21hrs

Travis inspired me with his song about strange ass. That song does fuck, if y’all missed it I’m sorry. I write haiku, this is a string of haiku about nudes. If you like any of this feel free to send some my way. I’m single and also egalitarian so ladies shoot your shot.

Through ones and zeros
A divine apparition

By eons old rock
Pink hue strikes Aphrodite
She is enveloped

A glimpse of her form
Hot damp mist of the shower
Clinging to her chest

Ethereal corpse
The vessel with which you move
Within and without

Consider this too
The mirrors soft gaze
And your own brown eyes

Curious about
His approachable darkness
She does not tremble

delicate being
A graceful calla Lilly
Laid in my presence

Okay this ones kinda fucked up, but I’m happy with it how it turned out. Essentially I watched a person get hit by traffic and decided to cope in a productive and ultimately funny way. If you’re a grammar nerd like me you’ll love this.

That there, is a man
Who’s come to terms with being
And all that entails

Those are his entrails
He walked right into the street
And unbe’d himself

Okay wow. How about we break this morbidity up with some more half humor half real talk. This ones about a dream I had. It gets explicit and is mildly bestial so be prepared.

Take me now; Dream whale
I’ll ride you through the cosmos
Undress my conscious

Erotic dreamwhale
Lingerie made of black holes
And galactic lace

My deepest desire
Familiar longing, haunting
My mind while I sleep

Reverent orca
We fall into each other
And we become one

You and I are we
And we escape to depths
Infinitely deep

Journey of the mind
And knowing you are within
I wake and begin

Alright in the interest of keeping it short and engaging this will be my last one. Thank you for indulging me!

This first true spring day
That moon tho; she be gleamin’
She a gleamy ho

Like the greatest bling
Gleamin’ o’er yon orchard hill
Witness her, my dude.

Watch her pass to day
The gleamy ho that she be
Gaze on our crowns, moon

Next set 1/28

Hey wow wow wow hello everybody I’m super glad to be here. Mega props everybody let’s hear it for Travis who does this out of his own edification and the goodness in his heart let’s hear it come on guys. What a pure soul, buy his book and tip the bar staff, these mojitos are fire am I right?

My name is Daniel. I’m an artist and I work in a bunch of different mediums, my favorite verbal medium is the haiku which is really short, just three lines of 5,7 and 5 syllables.

This is a very meta poem, okay if anybody’s ever been to a Michelin starred restaurant or a chef’s tasting, they’ll usually start you off with a little bite called an amuse bouche which literally translates to joyful or amused mouth. So this is to get you ready for the rest of the menu ok here it is.

You don’t like sweet things
Personally, I love them
You are very sweet

Thank you.

Ok this one I’m gonna need a beat. Travis can I get something like this

*rapping now*

Donde esta la bibliotheca?
Me llamo Daniel y me gusta zicatela
Tela, tella I’m a hell of a fella
Soy estudiante and my grades are stellar

Quando, nosotros, jugamos baloncesta
I score the game point, but I’m not here to impress ya.

Okay that’s enough of that, I’m gonna switch gears here and read you some haiku that I wrote. If you notice your stockings are wet right now or you can’t stop quivering all of a sudden that is perfectly normal. And you should buy me a mojito afterwards.

This is one I wrote about a french woman that I was seeing and very inspired by. She may come here to Mexico, I may lure her here with my poems. The 14 year old theater nerd inside of me is like “yeah poetry is great, words get me blowjobs”

lol what a nerd. Anyways here’s a sexy one for this extra attractive audience.

The air is heavy
And the moon slowly waxes
A foggy August eve

Amidst the clouds
I lap ‘round my neighborhood
My mind is heavy

Entomb me in your
Graceful femininity
Drown me in your thighs

I wander around
Beneath the celestial
Starlit canopy

caressing my face
The breeze whispers Marianne
And my knees buckle

Okay this is where a nice smooth transition would happen if I had one. Unfortunately I just haven’t written one so I have to work with this. *drink very slowly* yeah I should really write something to go here.

No obviously I’m joking, i would never come onstage without having scripted my transitions already so I don’t look like I’ve never done this.

This poem is about my afternoon trying to find mezcal at Mercado Benito Juarez. I’ve been here two weeks and assumed they sell mezcal everywhere however they don’t at Benito Juarez… unless you know who to ask.

Wandering around
La Mercado in centro
We see a man smile

Standing before us
Behind his abundant wares
We stop to ask him

Where is the mezcal?
An unmarked 5 liter jug
Is pulled from below

He pours a sample
Smooth vibrant complexity
“How much for the jug?”

We broker a deal
And buy grapefruit, orange, mint
He asks for our names

Me llamo Daniel
I stare him dead in the eyes
Me gusta perros

Im gonna leave you guys with really warm feelings, this poem was written in November in Western Massachusetts. It’s beautiful out there and the seasons change was toward the later end of autumn. I wrote this when the wind was blowing and I walked alone across the huge campus.

The weather grows cold
Too cold for wildflowers
Too cold for most things

Not too cold for love
Sheltered from the elements
In comfy sweaters

Nourished by hot cocoa
And cherished muffled laughter
And warm sentiments

Thanks you guys I love being here.

Set three Feb 4th

Hi guys can you hear me? Snap your fingers if you can hear me? Okay welcome everybody, like Travis said I’m gonna perform some haiku. If you need a little refresher on what that is I gotchu.

Haiku is a three line poem that has 5 syllables in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 again in the third. Anybody can do them, I like to write them when I’m waiting in line for anything instead of touching my phone for the thousandth time that day. They are a nice way to stay present.

And also I like to string them together to capture a more involved moment. You can also write jokes I just discovered after like 19 years of writing them.

Recently at lunch
My friend Ricardo asked me
you like fried pork skin?

It’s not for me man
I said, but to each their own
Yeah man chicharron

Thank you. So there you have it, very simple, they usually feature nature in some way which I find romantic. I think there’s an inherent romantic quality in the natural world. The way a wave crashes or a fire moves or smoke dissipates. So this haiku follows that theme.

Across the campfire
A roiling red inferno
You blow me a kiss

Your dark glassy eyes
Harboring eons of night
You uncross your legs

I grin my white teeth
The flames lick the palm above
And a soft wind lilts

You shrug your shoulders
your sundress slides soundlessly
Formless on the sand

I unwrap my robe
We laugh and sprint joyously
Into the black surf

Thank you. Before I came here I never performed my works but now I’m starting to love it because I get a reaction and an energy from the audience. One of you just gave me one of these *closes eyes and tilts head back while fanning my face with my hand* and it’s either because you were in that last one with me or you’re tired I can’t tell but either way I felt a tingle up my spine and I fucking love it.

Anyways last semester in the fall I was one of the very few students on campus at UMass amherst and there’s not much to do in a global pandemic so one of my roommates started to fold paper cranes as stress relief. Well I wanted to see if they floated like a real crane might, so I plopped one in a glass of water thinking if it were a real crane this is what it would want! Right? So… this is what happened.

Crane floats in water
Made of paper it dissolves
Fates cruel humor laughs

Transcending its form
Unfolding in nirvana
It ceases to be

How funny it is
That which we desire most
Is our undoing

Thank you, yes there we have it folks. By the way if you like my poetry I will gladly trade you for a mojito. Yes that’s right you could walk out of here with your very own Daniel Keating original so come hangout I’m very approachable and I crave external validation haha.

So as a writer one of my responsibilities is to carry on the great tradition of wandering aimlessly in introspective thought and last time I was here and a woman’s gaze snapped me out of that for a second and this one is to her, wherever she is.

Can I sit with you?
Will you tell me I’m pretty
Will you grab my hand?

Can we share a look?
Can I wrap my arms round you
And say I’m smitten

Are you here tonight
Have you felt like me before?
Do you feel it now?

I’d like to meet you
To start something beautiful
Do you like poems?

This is my final haiku it’s very short. I wrote this before I moved to manhattan and pursued my career in fashion. So here it is:

Reoccurring dream
That I move to the city
And model all day

Pet chameleon
Tells me to eat more pasta
True that dream lizard.

Thank you guys I love being here.

Set 4 Feb/18/2020

What’s up lovers? I said what’s up lovers? May the blessings of the infinite be upon you. And upon us all am I right? Anybody feeling particularly fertile tonight? I know I am.

I came here tonight to bathe in your energy and perform some haiku like Travis said. Haiku is a type of poem, they’re very short only 3 lines. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7, the last line has five. Like this

A dismal mizzle
Drizzling abysmally;
Haggard and grizzl’d

I wrote that one about the rain. I tend to write about nature, most haiku features it in some way and so rain and the moon seems to pop up frequently for me. But you can really write them about anything, this one is about walking through a peach orchard in the winter time.

Sun lights the orchard
Reflects off the snowy ground
Onto the peach buds

Thank you. Okay those were just warm ups, I prefer to string haiku together to tell a more whole picture of a moment or thought like this. The other night I was looking up at the moon and was really loving it so I thought what if the stars were men and women who were lured by the moons beckoning.

I wake in the night
To your familiar bare back
Your dark unlit hair

sitting up restless
I walk toward the veranda
Cool tile underfoot

Through the precipice
Beneath arcane tapestry
I soliloquize

The gilded moonlight
Unspoken umbral lover
The ancient orb calls

Velvet canopy
A great harem in the sky
Helpless, I ascend

Wait! My love! You cry
Your hand lassos my ankle
Balanced on the rail

Silver siren foiled
The sky will not gain a star
You are my tether

-Daniel “don’t try this at home kids” Keating jr., ’22

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