The Coffeeshop Buddhist Reclaims His Ego

The Coffeeshop Buddhist Reclaims His Ego

I know by now that
if I were a true poet
or a determined romantic
I would tell you that your eyes were like the ocean;
hovering, softly, in alabaster waves
above a peaceful blue abyss
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Millennial War Cry

Millennial War Cry

We are the kids in America, destined to procreate
deep in the pits of dimly lit rooms
(drunkenly, while on Tinder dates)

We are the kids in America,
who will honor our forefathers’ ghosts
with crying yellow emoticons
and poorly edited Facebook posts
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I’m Entangled With You

I'm Entangled With You

You knew how I felt, always, from the raging bull to the magic feeling of skin being so close, 

the intimacy inside me.

You make me feel so safe, 

When you pull me close

and brush my hair out of my face. 

Such a simple thing makes me feel whole. 

As you trace my skin with your fingertips, my heart beats harder in my chest. 

I close my eyes as I taste my mint chapstick spread across lips. 

These moments with you are my best.

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